Our Luscious Story

Megan -founder of Luscious Linen Design

Luscious Linen Design was born as a result of a creative itch that needed scratching. Who says you can’t keep reinventing yourself! Having spent 30 plus years of my working career in the commercial real estate business, it was time for a big change. The right side of my brain was tapping my shoulder, so to speak. Hence, I decided to wrap myself in linen, both figuratively and literally.

Born a sensualist, I can’t help being a very tactile person. I love the feel and look of beautiful textiles. After all, who doesn’t appreciate the talent and care that goes into growing a flower ( in this case flax flowers), then harvesting and milling its fibers into one of the most enduring materials in the world, linen!
After spending months researching the most respected fabric mills in Europe, I settled on Belgium, Ireland and Lithuania fabric origins. I am so thrilled to be sharing these beautiful fabrics with you. When well cared for, linen can last not only a lifetime, but for generations.
We have also curated a line of handcrafted table top serving pieces, dinnerware, flatware, glassware, accessories and kitchen/serving utensils sourced from artisans around the world. Our products are all handmade from natural products and never machine produced. This makes everything in our collections one of a kind, therefore, slight imperfections may be expected due to the human touch creating each piece. 
It is our mission to grow our business by supporting artisans, craftsmen and craftswomen in small towns and villages who will benefit from the opportunity to share what they produce with a broader population. 
As we grow we will share the personal stories of these talented artisans.
Welcome to Luscious Linen Design and thank you for visiting!
Megan Codington-Founder